from adversity to success

her mantra:

"Stop looking back and stop looking forward, and just kind of focus in on the present. I think we spend way too much time obsessing about what we did, and how we should have done it, and what we should be doing, and where we want to be, and dammit—just surf the wave."  


On acquiring valuable skills while being unemployed:

"I graduated in 2008—very, very hard to find a job, it was at the peak of the financial crisis. I had gotten my degree in finance, and at the time, before this financial crisis in ’08—everybody was getting jobs. And I couldn’t find a job in New York, so I ended up getting stuck with these permanent internships, everybody was just offering internships.

Interestingly, I started this blog with two girlfriends as an everyday diary of our struggles and frustrations, and before we knew it, we ended up on the homepage of CNN. Clearly, unpaid internships had become quite a phenomenon, and we starting getting this crazy following. It’s just to say that this one little idea that started from a personal project…actually became something bigger. And something that started from frustrations and hardship became a really cool opportunity. It actually taught me all about blogging, all about digital, and it ultimately got me my job in Paris."

"something that started from frustrations and hardship became a really cool opportunity"

On working without a secure plan:

"I left Paris with a job offer and no visa, but with the promise that I would get this visa. Ultimately, I didn’t get the visa, but I felt so empowered to have gotten this job, packed all my stuff, crossed the Atlantic, and settled again in the U.S. So I felt really good, but dammit! Is it ever a pain in the ass when your visa gets denied! And then it gets denied a second time.

What was hard was the uncertainty of what’s going to happen. I feel as though, and this does scare me. I feel as though my life is often times so uncertain. There’s so many episodes where I’d love to know what’s going to happen next, and you just don’t.

When I received those two calls telling me that my visa had been denied, I was not happy. Even though I was super empowered, I definitely had moments where I like, sat at this table, started working on my case and thinking, "Holy fuck! What did I do? Why the hell did I leave Paris? You know? All my stuff is packed up in storage, I’ve quit my job, I’ve left, I’ve left my friends, I’m alone in the U.S., and—I didn’t even know if this is gonna work." It was kind of a shitty time, but ultimately I got the visa, I got the job, and then I started a whole new little path."