former digital marketer currently creating a Pilates studio; badass alpine skier


On moving to Paris from the French Alps:

"Basically I grew up in France, I grew up in the Alps, in a ski resort actually. That’s where I started becoming passionate about being outdoors, skiing, walking, hiking, all of that. Then I moved to Paris after high school. I used to come to Paris a lot when I was little, with my mom, and I always loved Paris. I fell in love with Paris really young. Since I was a kid, I remember vividly that I really wanted to study in Paris and that I wanted to live here. After high school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do."



her bold mantra:

"I’ve always thought about that quote, "Be the best, fuck the rest." I just think that it’s a good way for me to remind myself: do the best you can, and don’t worry about anything else or anyone else, because as long as you do your best, there’s nothing more you can do, and then the rest doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re trying hard and you feel like you’re doing your best, then fuck the rest because what else do you want to do? And also fuck the rest in terms of what people think, what people say. You know, you’re just trying hard and the rest is not that important actually. So yeah, it’s an old one but I always come back to this one."

On quitting her corporate job:

"I remember sitting down and thinking that people were maybe ten years older than I was and looking at their job title and imagining what their daily life was like, and what they were doing, and just imagining that it would be me in ten years; and I realized I was not satisfied at all. I didn’t hate it, I just realized that I needed to have more passion for what I was doing if I was going to spend the next thirty years doing it. I liked it, I was not passionate about it.

Especially when you spend like 10 hours a day. You know, you spend so much time at your desk, and working. Also for me, it was the contribution that I was making, and I know that everyone talks about that meaningful impact; love, love, love it. I think the most difficult part for me was the six months before I actually quit my job because you keep wondering and asking yourself if you’re making the right decision." 

On taking risks even when you’re afraid:

"Something I really, really believe in is that you always have a choice in life, and you’re responsible for your own life. Sometimes you make excuses not to do something that scares you and the real reason that you don’t do it is not because of your bank account, it’s just because it’s too scary."

On not having a singular, defining passion:

"For me, it puts a lot of pressure on people to find your passion. I truly believe that not everyone has a passion, and it’s ok. I don’t think that I have a specific talent, I don’t think that I have a passion really. I know that there are a lot of things that I love in life—many, many, many different things. And sometimes you feel that pressure to do something meaningful, and if you don’t find your passion and do something meaningful, then your life is worth basically nothing.

"I truly believe that not everyone has a passion, and it’s ok."

It’s just this balance that you have to find between the previous generations—and they were just thinking about and focusing on having a job—and our generation that is encouraged to have an impact on the world, to do something meaningful. I think sometimes we’re taking it to the other extreme."