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First we receive labels
Then we spend life trying to peel them off
Labels so thick they become the dress we sport
Labels blinding the scene
For fear of seeing and being seen
Not perfect and enough
Labels with a bloody barcode
To go through our own scanner vampirizing the passion
The heart seeking to be loved
In the silence of solitude
The eloquence of the Whisper creating a mantra
Creating a sound
Let go of the armor of control

By Fateme Banishoeib

An excerpt from her book of poetry called The Whisper

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About the author:
Fateme Banishoeib is a strategic leadership consultant for teams and organizations seeking transformational change. Her specialty is creating cultures of innovation and inclusion. She is based in Switzerland and works with clients all over the world. She gives keynote talks on Leadership and Inclusion.
Her book of poetry called The Whisper, charts the journey of leadership of self before the leadership of others. 



Fateme's video introduction to her business ReNew Business: