It’s your choice.

Choose to be you. It sounds easy, it’s really not.


The choice to be yourself is the choice to listen to yourself. It’s sifting through all the quiet to loud voices within you to listen to the one that is telling you, “maybe you should be going this way instead.” Sometimes that voice resonates very strongly with you and you follow it with conviction and certainty. Great.

But sometimes that voice is just hard to find. It can be very faint, almost like a whisper, perhaps even non-existent. And when you pay attention to it, it doesn’t always match up with the values your rational self believes you should live by.

So, what do you do? What do you listen to? Who’s right? The rational thinker? The little voice? The loud voice? Ah, there are so many voices! Which one?!

The thing is, you actually do know. It just comes down to a choice that you make, consciously or unconsciously, to listen to it and to eventually act upon it.

It’s always a choice and it’s your choice.

By Charlotte Haimes